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Lasa Economic & Technology Development Zone

Lasa Economic & Technology Development Zone
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September 2001 approval of the State Council Tibet Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone (the zone) for the state-level development zones. Development Zone located in the western suburbs of Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Germany have piled Qing County, located in the south of Jinzhu West Road, east-west trunk, Henan Province to Lhasa army post sand bank in the town west Naiqiong de village, away from downtown About 10 km, 50 km away from the Gonggar Airport, which is currently under construction from Lhasa Railway Station 2 km, 318 national highway development through the facilitation of traffic.

Planning and development control over a total area of 5.46 square kilometers, AB is divided into two zones, Zone A of the first development area of 2.51 square kilometers of land for construction purposes. Flat zone, the natural conditions of good drainage, (stratum structure for the Quaternary deposits, mainly sand and gravel layer, the geological conditions of good works, 8 degrees earthquake zone. Development zone in southern Tibet Plateau belongs to the temperate semi-arid climate zone , Sunny, frost-free period as a whole 231 days.

Detailed Information:

  • Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • National
  • 2001
  • 5 - 10 Square km
  • 5 - 10 Square km
  • No. 189, West of Jinzhu Road, 851400
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport 20 - 50 km
  • G318 20 - 50 km
  • Chemicals Production and Processing, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Raw Material Processing